The Tax Experts

The mission of Tax Domain is to provide effective solutions in taxation disputes.

Tax Principles remain the same, regardless of the size of the client. TaxDomain therefore assists Attorneys, Accountants, Financial Directors, Business Owners, Brokers and Estate Planners. Thus, if you are a professional seeking a second opinion or a business-owner looking for a solution or an answer to a query, please get in touch with us. Simply fill in the query capturing form on the "home page" to begin the process. The internet and in particular the conferencing facilities offered by skype, can render travelling to see an expert unnecessary, as consultations can easily take place on line. Peter is available to consult with Tax Domain clients by appointment on Skype.

The Tax Domain Team

Peter O'Halloran

Peter is registered with the SA Institute of Tax,

Peter is an advocate specialising in tax work.

He has a Master's Degree in Tax Law and has successfully assisted clients in the Higher and Appeal Courts and Alternate Dispute Resolution forums of South Africa and Botswana in:

Vat disputes PAYE Income Tax Customs and Excise Duties Interpretation of taxation statutes Transfer Pricing Deemed Interest Double Tax agreements and also diplomatic intervention in the form of Mutual Assistance Procedures.

Mike Whittaker

Guru of a multitude of Tax Matters