Are they still valid? Is your trust bullet proof? What are the tax implications of the trust distributions?
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In Trouble?

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Tax Avoidance

While Tax evasion is unlawful, Tax Avoidance is not! Know what you can and cannot do to avoid tax.

Estate Planning

Disaster can strike at any moment. Make sure your loved ones are adequately looked after.

Income Tax

Self employed individuals often overlook Income Tax for themselves personally.

Customs and Excise Duties

Most people think that there is not much you can do to save when importing and exporting... They are wrong! At Tax Domain, we know how to save you money on your imports and exports.


Do you know what you can and cannot claim for VAT? Claiming VAT for things you should not, can result in penalties and fees that can add up very quickly. But not claiming for things you could, just ends up costing you money you do not need to pay! Tax Domain will help you know the difference and end up saving you money and uncertainty.

Donations Tax

This Tax is probably the most misunderstood, but it can pack a mighty punch if you do not know the ins and outs about it. Giving is great, but it can cost you! Speak to the Tax Domain Team about Donations Tax and what implications it might hold for you and your company.

Transfer Duty

Thinking of buying a house? Most people have no idea what the transfer duty they will need to pay when they put in an offer. These fees need to be paid before transfer will occur, this can leave you out of pocket or worse yet, unable to pay for that dream home. While bridging Finance is available, it is expensive. Know what you are in for before you put in your offer. The Tax Domain Team is standing by to help you determine what finances you need to put aside to make your dreams come true.

Estate Duty

This might seem like something you do not need to worry about to much, but Estate Duty can put a huge amount of unneccessary emotional and financial strain on those left behind. Proper Estate Planning can minimise this duty and putting extra provisions in place to cover the costs of Estate Duty is a necessity today. Do not delay, contact the Tax Domain team today.


Small businessmen and women are vulnerable. They don’t have the luxury of large corporate bank accounts and armies of accounting and legal staff. Advice doesn’t come cheap. They learn through their mistakes or after paying huge fee notes to accountants or lawyers. Sometimes even this expensive advice is geared towards bigger business.

The Legal Advice newspaper, Discendo is published by Advocate Peter O'Halloran with a view to assist and educate small businessmen and women with commercial, tax and succession queries and articles of interest.

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Small Business

Are you a small business owner?

You have a goal and that is to produce enough income for yourself and your dependants until you can retire comfortably.

What you do not need are problems with the tax authorities, time consuming and expensive legal battles with staff or debtors/creditors or any legal uncertainty.

As a young businessman or woman, questions of planning the best matrimonial regime and how to structure the shareholding of your company or close corporation are uppermost in your mind.

Tax Domain is here to help. Contact us for your peace of mind today.